Welcome to my web page.  I'm a bit of a dabbler in all of this web stuff, sewing and knitting are what I do professionally.  So this site is a bit basic.  Hopefully I'll add more as I learn more, but don't be looking for bells and whistles, I save that for the fiber stuff.  :)  I did have a studio once upon a time, but I closed it down, and now I work from home. 

My name is Audrey Schmidt, and I am a professional maker of stuff, for lack of a better word.  I've made everything from a weather-proof bag for my husband's telescope to Civil War-era costumes.  I sew, knit, crochet, and dabble in other needlework.  I've been sewing professionally since 1980, and I am a graduate of Seattle Central Community College's Apparel Design & Services program.  Just to round things out, I also have a BA in Anthropology from the University of Washington.  I'm fascinated by the clothes people wear, and why they wear them, both in modern times and historically.  I've been known to reproduce vintage knitting, especially vintage socks and stockings.

Speaking of stockings, I'm currently on a kilt-hose-making kick.  The little buggers crawled into my brain after a friend asked me if I knew of any patterns.  Nothing to do but knit them up and create a line.  I'm currently still prototyping the fit and level of dressiness.  Around where I live, there are lots of men in modern cargo-style kilts, so I'm thinking the majority of what I do will be casual.

I have at times done small production runs of things that I hope to make available for sale on this site.  At the moment, I've got hand knit scarves in several colors of microfiber (they're very plush), and I almost always have a supply of small mesh zippered pouches.  The pouches are made of stiff nylon mesh, and can be custom made in nearly any size imaginable, and are available in stock in black, and by special order in whatever colors Seattle Fabrics happens to have in stock at any given time.  Red, almost always, sometimes Royal Blue, and I've seen Yellow as well.

In custom stuff, I specialize in single items and small production runs of outdoor gear and bags, the occasional historical costume, and knitting of all types.  My rates are determined by how complex the project is, and what materials are used, you can contact me for estimates.  I hope soon to have pictures up of my work, that will happen as soon as I can figure out how.

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